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XTREME Makeover

ashley xtreme makover.jpg

This is Ashley's results from XTREME Makeover - Gold level and here is her testimony.

My name is Ashley and I started Becki’s body blast in May 2020. Since then I have completed 7 challenges and 1 Xtreme Makeover. When I started I was 309 pounds and I am currently down to 249. There have been some struggles along the way. Back in August I took a fall and hurt my ankle pretty badly so I emailed Becky and told her what was going on and she help me modify my workouts so that I could still continue to work out but not cause myself any more harm. Then during this six week extreme makeover I plateaued I could not get the scale to move so again I reached out and she went over all the food I was eating and realize that I was not eating nearly enough so she calculated all of my numbers and got back to me and helped me come up with a grocery list to help break through my Plateau. My heaviest weight was 375 pounds and I have struggled for years and finding Becki was the best thing that has ever happened to me, the workouts are amazing and she is always there for you.

Wanda XTREME Makeover.jpg

This is Wanda's results from XTREME Makeover - Platinum level and here is her testimony.

Becki’s Body Blast programs are the best. She has put together the exercises that target your whole body, all I had to do was put on a timer. 

I have gained strength and have been able to move up to higher weights throughout the program. 

Her menus she creates for you are tasty and easy to follow. 

She definitely cares about her clients and gets excited when we succeed!



sara trans.jpg

Sara is down 40lbs and here is her testimony with Platinum level.

“I just finished Becki’s 42 day XTREME makeover and I feel Amazing!  I lost 28lbs, have so much more energy and am loving working out!  Becki’s 30 minute workouts are challenging, yet easy to follow as she provides demos for all exercises.  

I appreciate the zoom workouts and check-ins once a week to hold me accountable, along with all of the daily pictures that are emailed to her at the end of each day. 

Becki will make a custom meal plan based on the foods you enjoy eating. She will tell you what and how much to eat, making meal planning so easy!!  If you commit yourself to following Becki’s “challenge rules”, I am confident in saying that anyone can be successful with the XTREME Makeover. I’m so thankful for my new lifestyle!”

-Sara Meyer


This is Peters results from XTREME Makeover - Platinum and here is his testimony

I want to thank you so much.  Let me start by saying I was very unsure I was going to accomplish my set goal with such short work outs but I was incorrect my final weight on Sunday was 164 lb. and I feel great. Thank you so much the pictures with my socks on are the final results.


6 Week Body Transformation

ashley 6 week.jpg
jan 6 week.jpg
berenice 6 week.jpg
Rebecca transformation.jpg

21 Day Challenges

nicole 21 day.jpg
ray 21 day.jpg
Lindsay 21 day.jpg
brandy 21 day.jpg
chere 21.jpg

4 Week No Gym No Problem Program

This is Tahmra's results 21 days into my no gym no problem workout. 4 inches gone around her waist
Real clients, real results

One on One training

Valerie started training with me in June and was told with her thyroid problems it would be very difficult to lose weight. Within just 4 months Valerie was down 55 pounds! We took an aggressive approach and trained hard through high intensity circuits and strength training

This is Tesia's results from 1:1 coaching

Tesia's situation was something that most weightloss/fatloss clients experience. Non scale victories. Tesia wasn't losing weight, but she was losing inches/had a total body re-composition and her pictures prove just that!

This is Karina's results from 1:1 training along with bootcamp sessions 3x per week

Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Becki is super patient and accommodating to everyone, regardless of their fitness levels or their goals. She makes working out fun and I laugh every time I go to one of her classes. I love working out with her!


Becki is seriously amazing. She kicks my ass every session and I can't wait to see her again once I'm done. Not to mention we laugh a crap ton and have a good time! I highly recommend her!


I've been going to Becki's bootcamp classes for a few months now and love them! She's a tough cookie, but you really feel like you're getting an awesome workout. We are always doing something different and classes never get boring. She is also very knowledgeable with food and what you should be eating.


I met Becki almost 2 years ago, and she has helped me change my mind about what lifting is like! She made me feel confident in what I was doing and I never felt exposed or scared about being in a gym (as I used to). Not only does she come up with the coolest exercises (ever) but she also makes me feel like I belong to the Becki's body blast family - and to me that's what's most important.


I have been training with Becki for about 8 months and I love her style of training. She is clear with her workouts and explains what muscle you're working and makes sure you're incorporating mind muscle connection. Her bootcamp classes are HARD, but I feel great after I finish them. I'm loving the results I've seen this far and cant wait to continue my training for more! 1:1 sessions and bootcamps are killer! She's super flexible with where/when to train and can easily work with my busy schedule as well. If you aren't already training with Becki, you're missing out on a whole new word!


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