Gold Package will be emailed out Friday morning 5/7


Do you need a complete reset? Are you sick and TIRED of not losing weight even though you feel like you are doing everything right?

That's where XTREME Makeover comes in...

I designed this program because I too was struggling and needed a kick in the butt. I've completed this and lost 14lbs and KNOW you will see results.


Here's what the program is all about


  • Complete your 30 minute workout that's included (6 Week workout program with video demonstrations & minimal equipment)
  • Absolutely NO cheat foods. No sweets,chips, guilty pleasures, NADA
  • Absolutely NO alcohol
  • You MUST drink one gallon of water a day
  • you MUST take a progress photo EVERY DAY
  • you MUST stick to a healthy meal plan


Here is what you'll receive:

  • 42 days of workouts that are 30 minute durations - minimal equiment - video demonstrations
  • Newly postpartum? That's fine! Let's see if you have diastasis recti and get you on some safe core exercises
  • Full length follow along warm up video
  • MINIMAL EQUIPMENT needed to participate. Light/heavy dumbbells and a loop resistance (booty) band. That's it!
  • There will be a 2 week block in the beginning of your program where there will be NO rest days. This is to help kickstart your journey and create a habit. After your 2 week block, you will have one optional rest day a week.
  • There will be 3 FULL LENGTH videos for you to follow along with. These videos will be yoga and can be used on days you need a break from the program or on your rest days. Yoga will still be challenging and force you to get uncomfortable, but it will only be body weight.



This is for people who WANT and are READY to transform their lives and change their habits. ZERO tolerance for non compliance.



You will have access to a completely private facebook group for this specific challenge.

In the group you have the option of posting the above required info to help with accountability with other women (but it still needs to be emailed)


Group will be WOMEN ONLY


This is an extremely intense challenge and is meant for you to be uncomfortable. Change never happened when you were comfortable did it? 

I want to see you succeed and push past any plateau you've hit

I want to see you push through mental blocks



If you're ready to change your life - sign up now

XTREME Makeover - Gold Level - VOLUME 4